The Paris®

$149 $349

Our take on the Love Bracelet, named after the city of love, none other than Paris, France. The most sturdy of Cordaé designs, The Paris is made out of stainless steel and e-coated which gives them an exquisite tarnish-blocking finish to ensure a lifespan that models your love — forever.

Bangles, which are traditionally rigid bracelets from the Indian subcontinent, are known for sturdiness and striking style. The Paris features cubic zirconia stones that bear a similar facade to diamonds, hence the splendid glitz and shine. 

  • Material: stainless steel
  • 2mm hand-set stones 
  • High quality cz AAA stones
  • Size: 16-17-18 (women) 19-20 (men)
  • Organic e-coating
  • Lead & nickel free
  • Safe for sensitive skin 

Our jewelry is good for you and good for our environment. These bangles are made out of stainless steel & organically e-coated. They won't turn your skin green, or give you an itchy, uncomfortable rash. Keep away from water & sweat.